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Head of Logistics

India, Mahārāshtra, MumbaiLogistics

Job description

GAC Shipping (India) Private Limited is looking for candidates for the role of Head of Logistics for our freight business. Could it be you?

The main responsibility of this role is to manage the Logistics Department including all existing logistics projects and the development of new businesses, products and services.

Key Tasks

  • Develop and implement logistics strategic plan
  • Oversee administrative and operational areas of the department
  • Maintain relationship with key accounts, overseas partners, GAC offices and other relevant stakeholders
  • Update management on the performance of the company’s logistics operations
  • Manage development and motivation of staff, and ensure effectiveness and efficiency of their service delivery
  • Drive business development activities with new and current principals, and for new products and services related to logistics industry and services
  • Manage departmental resources and ensure proper allocation to maximise return of investment
  • Determine and plan departmental manpower requirements in conjunction with business heads
  • Oversee and manage the commercial activities of the company

Job requirements

Skills and Competencies

  • Effective Communication
    • Puts across thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively using appropriate language and grammar in written and oral forms of communication
  • Networking
    • Builds professional networks and personal relationships within and outside of the company
    • Uses networking as a way to gather information and resources to ensure employee and company’s success
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Draws on a mix of previous experiences and industry information to create effective strategies and long-term plans that seize opportunities, anticipate emerging issues and risks and collaborate with the right individuals
  • Leading Change
    • Brings about and manages change in priorities, strategies, customer needs and workplace conditions to achieve company’s objectives
    • Communicates the need and rationale for change efficiently to ensure that all stakeholders are comfortable with it
  • People Management
    • Maximizes the potential of employees through proper guidance, effective communication, talent development, performance management, knowledge expansion and motivation
  • Accountability
    • Takes ownership of work and mistakes
    • Holds self and others accountable for performance
    • Determines objectives and sets priorities
    • Commits to looking after GAC's valuable assets including people and property
  • Business and Financial Acumen
    • Possesses and employs a general understanding of financial management principles and practices to come up with sound and responsible decisions
    • Uses information about business drivers and trends such as revenue, costs, customer requirements as well as short and long-term needs to guide activities
  • Judgement
    • Discerns pertinent information and formulates effective strategies
  • Decision Making
    • Derives logical conclusions from several options given
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
    • Uses inductive and deductive reasoning to analyse and evaluate complex ideas and situations in a logical and systematic way
    • Analyses patterns, trends and mismatched information critically to derive meaningful conclusions
    • Provides solutions by creating and implementing new methodologies
  • Industry and Product Knowledge
    • Possesses good knowledge of products and services provided by the company, department or business unit to customers
    • Applies knowledge to serve existing customers and gain new ones
    • Stays updated about industry (e.g. logistics, marine) and job-related trends and changes
  • Negotiating and Influencing
    • Presents position on issues effectively to gain support and acceptance from stakeholders including colleagues, suppliers and customers to execute a desired course of action that is consistent with company goals
    • Explores possible outcomes and solutions to achieve a win-win situation
  • Planning and Organising
    • Establishes the best course of action in achieving desired results and organises the resources needed to meet objectives

If you think you have what it takes to become part of the GAC Shipping (India) Private Limited team, we look forward to receiving your application.